Get ready to break out your red leather vests and elaborately themed gang outfits, because New York is about to get a whole lot more terrifying. With the election of quasi-Communist Democrat Bill de Blasio as mayor on Tuesday, New York is set to plunge back into the dark, crime-ridden depths of the ‘70s, as street gangs like the Warriors and the Baseball Furies fight it out for control of the streets.

Obviously, as de Blasio advances his Socialist agenda throughout New York, the NYPD will be rendered useless on the way to a lawless, chaotic dystopia. Step into the Thunderdome and check out 10 of the most horrifying visions of New York’s imminent future, courtesy of Twitter’s resident psychics.

Dawn breaks over Park Slope. Hedge fund billionaires are already toiling in the kale fields. #DeBlasiosNYC