“The 100” isn’t over yet, but that hasn’t stopped creator Jason Rothenberg from considering its ending. During the Television Critics Association press tour, Rothenberg revealed he has a last story in mind for the CW drama.

“I know what I want the final story to be and where I want these people to end up,” the showrunner revealed (via the Hollywood Reporter). “I don’t know how long that’s going to take. I’m not going to sit here and say that I want to do for the show as long I can do it. I want do to the show for as long as it interesting to me.”

Fans always get concerned when they hear a showrunner talking about the end, but Rothenberg isn’t prepared to tell that story just yet. In fact, he mentioned they’re writing “The 100” Season 3 finale right now, and it doesn’t sound as if his ending is in there. “Lord willing, we get a season four. We have a good idea of what we want that story to be,” he explained. “If they said, ‘This is it. Wrap it up,’ we could make this idea I have right now for the wrap-up happen at the end of season four or five or eight.”

Watch the extended trailer for “The 100” Season 3 below:

The series is generally considered to be on the bubble, meaning it’s not a sure thing whether it will get renewed or canceled. However, CW President Mark Pedowitz indicated he hopes its switch to Thursdays, after the highly anticipated “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” combined with the new viewers who caught the show on Netflix, will boost its ratings. “I’m hoping we get, and this was the game plan, a ‘Breaking Bad’ effect, so the audience comes back to watch it,” Pedowitz explained (via IGN).

Before fans worry about the ultimate conclusion of the series, they’ll have to find out how the characters will get through this season. “The 100” Season 3 premiere synopsis reveals Clarke (Eliza Taylor) will be in danger after a bounty is placed on her head. She’ll have to face consequences for the choices she made at Mount Weather, but Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) will attempt to save her.

“The 100” Season 3 premieres on the CW Jan. 21 at 9 p.m. EST.