This is almost as funny as the couple who accidently videotaped themselves while learning to use their webcam last month in Web Cam 101 for Seniors.

A BBC reporter took a moment to meet with a 104-year-old British man to show his appreciation for the Internet and also to teach him how to use Twitter.

In a video, Richard Wescott of BBC shows George Higgs from Birstall in Leicestershire and his 87-year-old partner Stella Fawcett how to use the social networking and microblogging Web site.

It doesn't matter what age you are, Higgs, who is almost 105 now, told the BBC. I do advise people who want to learn about the world in general to use a computer and learn to use a computer.

Higgs, who considers using the computer as one of his passions, particularly likes writing his memoirs, emailing his son and granddaughter in Canada and online shopping.

Fawcett, who said she does not own a computer nor does not feel she should be using one, asks Wescott to help her send a direct message to Bruce Forsyth on Twitter to the UK version of Dancing with the Stars called Strictly Come Dancing.

Hi Brucey. I think you're a wonderful dancer, Fawcett said in her first video tweet, posted via Wescott's account after a mini-lesson.

The video is part of BBC's campaign, Give an Hour, which donates time for volunteers to express their online skills with one another as daylight savings approaches.