It looks like the cast of the CBS sitcom “2 Broke Girls” always have a roaring good time on the set, and it helps that each one of them has a fantastic sense of humor.

Matthew Moy plays diner owner Han Lee in the series. He made his co-star Beth Behrs, who plays heiress-turned-waitress Caroline Channing, laugh so hard when he pretended to be a hotdog.

On her Twitter page (@BethBehrs), the actress shared Moy’s funny look and wrote, “Matt as a hot dog. @TheMoyWonder.”

Moy also thought it was so funny that he retweeted the photo on his Twitter account (@TheMoyWonder). Earlier, the actor even poked fun at his character when he asked his fans what he should dress up as this Halloween.

“Okay, I came up with these at lunch...I could be Abraham Linc-Han on a penny, Edward Scissor-Hans, a Han potato, or my favorite - the Skele-Han,” he tweeted.

“Or I can be a pot of spaghetti,” Moy added.

Moy’s fans also had some suggestions. A fan named Cyndi Richardson wrote, “Oompa Loompa in honor of #GeneWilder... You're a good size for it.”

A different fan thought it would be great if Moy’s character dressed up as “a golden Buddha,” while others suggested a bee, a hobbit and even the Hulk.

Next season, Caroline and her best friend Max Black (Kat Dennings) are going to open up their own dessert bar. Entertainment Weekly has reported that creepy puppet master J. Petto (Andy Dick) from episode 7 of "2 Broke Girls" Season 2 would make a reappearance, probably with a trick or two up his sleeve to vex the girls.

Will J. Petto give another performance and hope for another mishap to ensue? Or will he just be a regular customer?