2012 European Championship: Photos of All 16 Kits for the Tournament

on May 03 2012 4:12 PM
  • The 2012 European Championship
    The Tango 12, the Adidas ball that will be the official ball of the 2012 European Championship. Adidas.com
  • Croatia
    The Croatian team has the most iconic color scheme in sports. They do not disappoint. Nike.com
  • Czech Republic
    A clean, simple red shirt with the Czech crest on a field of blue. Puma.com
  • Denmark
    The Danes have a bit of a throwback look that feels 80's but not in a good way. UEFA.com
  • England
    One of the biggest teams in the world will go to Euro 2012 with a very classic look. UEFA.com
  • France
    The French bring a slightly different look with alternating dark and light blue stripes. The red of the French flag is gone from this kit. Nike.com
  • Germany
    The Germans break out the green jersey's in a nod to the great German teams of the 1970s. UEFA.com
  • Greece
    The Greeks have a beautiful color scheme that Adidas has turned into a very classy jersey. Adidas.com
  • Ireland
    The Irish and Umbro have come up with a nice looking effort. The stripe and the crest look great, but what is going on with that number? UEFA.com
  • Italy
    The Italians will wear blue, no surprises here, very traditional. UEFA.com
  • Netherlands
    The Dutch will wear a bight orange and dark orange look. Orange has always been the color of the Dutch team and they will look great again. Nike.com
  • Poland
    The Polish will want to impress as one of the hosts of the tournament and this Jersey, which is reminiscent of the Polish flag will look sharp even if their play falters. Nike.com
  • Portugal
    The Portuguese have a chronic habit of wearing the most boring jersey possible. They have succeeded again at Euro 2012. Nike.com
  • Russia
    The Russians have all three colors of their flag represented on the jersey. But it is that stripe that will really make them stand out. UEFA.com
  • Spain
    The defending World Cup champions will wear what appears to be a very tight fitting kit from Adidas. The red and gold is traditional and looks excellent. UEFA.com
  • Sweden
    The Swedes have one of the best color schemes of any nation and they don't disappoint with this effort. UEFA.com
  • Ukraine
    The Ukrainian team qualified by virtue of being a host and will be a definite dark horse when the tournament starts, but they will look great doing it. UEFA.com
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All 16 nations participating in this summer's European Championship have brand new jerseys for the event.

The European Championship, also known as the Euro Cup, is a soccer tournament played every four years between the 16 top teams in Europe for the title of Champion.

For European soccer fans, as well as many others around the world, this event is as big a deal as the World Cup, and happens two years after that tournament so as to fall exactly halfway between World Cups.

This year's tournament will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine from June 8 through July 1 when the final will be contested in Kiev.

All 16 teams in the tournament, 14 qualifiers and two hosts, have brand new designs from various manufacturers. Check them all out here.

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