Adidas unveiled its new 2012 NBA All-Star game uniforms Thursday, saying that designs are supposed to pay homage to the uniforms donned by the 1992 All-stars, which included game most valuable player Magic Johnson.

The company did not disappoint, as the look has an authentic vintage feel.

The 2012 jerseys feature an oversized block lettering reminiscent of the letters N-B-A on the 1992 ones. However, while the 1992 block lettering seemed a bit more standard and mundane, albeit with a chrome finish, the 2012 edition looks more futuristic, with letter stems that are pointed, tilted or connected to other letters.

The layouts are also similar. Both the 1992 and 2012 jersey numbers in the front are sandwiched between two labels. While the top label in the 2012 version is either East or West, the 1992 label was NBA. The bottom label for the 2012 version is All-Star, while the 1992 label read All-Stars, but in a script format.

Layout and block lettering are important because they are immediately visible and immediately catch attention. But what adidas may want fans to look out for as the players are wearing their jerseys is gloss effect. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the jerseys will turn dark to light to give an out-in-the-sun, faded approach.

And, of course, what would players gear be if the color orange wasn't incorporated to pay tribute to Orlando and the state of Florida? Adidas also said players will also wear bright orange sneakers that specifically pay homage to Orlando's Orange County and the Florida's renowned oranges.

NBA All-Star is an exciting event that combines sports, style and entertainment unlike any other in the world, said Lawrence Norman, adidas's vice president of global basketball. NBA All-Star is the premier event to showcase adidas' court-to-street heritage on basketball's biggest stage and bring it to fans around the world.

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard and Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose, who both have megadeals withh adidas, will wear bright orange versions of their signature sneaker lines--Howard, the adiPower Howard 2, and Rose, the adizero Rose 2.5.

Other gear getting a makeover include:

    Warm-up jackets -- along with the jerseys, these lightweight, windbreaker style, full-zip jackets feature a hardwood heather pattern inspired by the floor of the Orlando Arena in 1992 and sun-drenched Florida. They also feature elbow patches and a laser perforated color contrast.

    Warm-up pants -- these are functional stretch denim pants that feature mock denim stitching and pockets.

    Both the jackets and pants feature tonal grey coloring with East (Blue) and West (Red) accents for a stylish off-court look to match the laid back Florida vibe.

    Shorts -- these woven shorts are inspired by board shorts and feature a sublimated mesh pattern for high performance and breathability. Along with the jerseys, they also feature tonal blue and red colors and three stripes of silver and gold accent coloring on the sides in order to stand out.