2014 Toyota 4Runner: Aggressive Exterior Complements Rugged Reliability Of Mid-Size SUV

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2014 Toyota 4Runner
The 2014 Toyota 4Runner has a more-aggressive exterior. IBTimes/Luke Villapaz

The redesigned 2014 Toyota 4Runner mid-size sport utility vehicle is now taking after its younger sibling the Toyota Tundra, with a refined interior that complements the new rugged exterior design.

Keeping its body-on-frame construction with its suspension system leaves the 4Runner sturdy and capable yet still  comfortable compared to a crossover SUV. Its exterior also features a refreshed, muscular front grille and headlamps to give it a more aggressive look, along with unique design cues on each grade.

The 2014 Toyota 4Runner comes in three grades: SR5, Trail and Limited models. The SR5 and Limited models are available in both 4x2 and 4x4 configuration, while the Trail model is only 4x4. The SR5 and Trail model also have Premium option, with added features including an upgraded Entune audio system.

Each model is equipped with a 4.0L 270-horsepower V-6 engine and a 5-speed ECT-i automatic transmission.

Take a closer look at the 2014 Toyota 4Runner in photos below. For more information on the 2014 Toyota 4Runner, take a look at our detailed preview here.

2014 4Runner Trunk As with previous models, the 2014 Toyota 4Runner sports plenty of space for cargo  IBTimes/Luke Villapaz 2014 4Runner Passengers The 2014 Toyota 4Runner offers plenty of room for cargo as well as passengers.  IBTimes/Luke Villapaz 2014 4Runner Entune The 2014 Toyota 4Runner features the revamped Toyota Entune multimedia and navigation system.  IBTimes/Luke Villapaz 2014 4Runner Driver The 2014 Toyota 4Runner's steering wheel and dashboard provides everything a driver needs at their fingertips.  IBTimes/Luke Villapaz 2014 4Runner Side A side view of the 2014 Toyota 4Runner  IBTimes/Luke Villapaz Tundra and 4runner The 2014 Toyota 4Runner (right) alongside two 2014 Toyota Tundras  IBTimes/Luke Villapaz 2014 Toyota 4Runner A view of the tail end of the 2014 Toyota 4Runner  IBTimes/Luke Villapaz 2014 Toyota 4Runner A close up view of the taillight of the 2014 Toyota 4Runner  IBTimes/Luke Villapaz

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