Less than 24 hours after the launch of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft's newest browser has hit a major milestone. At 2.35 million downloads, the browser has been downloaded 27 times every second in its first day, according to Microsoft.

The release of Internet Explorer comes a week ahead of the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, which has in recent years grabbed a significant portion of the browser market share from Microsoft. Firefox is joined by Google's Chrome browser, which, since its 2008 release has commanded over ten percent of the market.

Naturally, Microsoft is looking to expand its lead with IE9, which the company says improves over its predecessors with improved standards compliance and integration with Windows 7

But convincing users to adopt new browsers remains an issue for the Microsoft. The company recently launched a site aimed at reducing the number of Window's users running IE6, the ten-year-old version of the browser is still in use by 12 percent of the world. Microsoft aims to reduce threat number to one percent, and will no doubt use IE9's improvements to do this.