Take-Two Interactive and its sister company 2K seem to be planning something big, as both companies have been teasing a possible new video game called “Advent.” Aside from its 2016 release date, there isn’t much information regarding the “Advent” game and its concept, but the game’s official website shows how much effort 2K is putting into making the game a possible Triple A title in the future.

Clicking the site and witnessing the game for the first time will make players think they are in some kind of positivity movement, but as the player stays, things start to change and images start to glitch, making the user feel unnerved. Eventually, the glitches start to dominate, with signs like “Advent is the Enemy” and “The ADVENT is lying to you. They want to subdue,” making for some very intriguing advertising.

“Advent” seems to be inspired by films like “Elysium” and “The Island,” which feature an almost-perfect city of dreams but have something far darker and more sinister behind those almost dream-like machinations. The fact that the dream city is supposedly protected by “ADVENT” forces on a 24-hour basis also teases a dark dystopia that is merely pretending to be a wonderful paradise for the unassuming.

2K also continues to tease the mystery on the company’s official Twitter page, recently sharing a disturbing GIF, similar to the glitch advertisements seen in the official “Advent” site. It starts out as a lovely picture of the city, with a statement saying, “move in today and start living in the world of tomorrow,” only for it to glitch, with the statement now saying, “move in today and FEAR the world of tomorrow!”

Several fans have wondered if this title will be a new “Bioshock” game, possibly called “Bioshock: Advent.” Judging by all the teases about how the game’s world is secretly broken, this could be the story of how Rapture eventually fell from grace.

Aside from these developments, not much is known about the future of “Advent,” though the game will be coming out sometime in 2016. According to Gamespot, Take-Two Interactive and 2K stated that they would be releasing a new Triple A property soon and it appears that “Advent” is that possible title.

Fans interested in the title will have to wait till 2016 to eventually start playing “Advent,” though one can hope that 2K starts releasing details about the game sooner than that. For now, fans can look at the various teasers of the game and try to solve the mystery themselves.

2K Teases New Bioshock Game?! - Bioshock Advent? (Credit: YouTube/TheGamersJoint)