WWE 2K16 is set to visit one of wrestling’s most famous periods in history. WWE announcer Jerry Lawler has revealed in an interview with Cerrito Live on May 17 that the new game will feature an “Attitude Era”-themed Showcase story and will focus on its biggest star, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Considering how that particular era made Steve Austin a household name, fans can expect to relive some of the superstar’s best rivalries and moments.

To make things more authentic, What Culture and Lawler have also confirmed that he and legendary announcer Jim Ross have been in the 2K recording booth to provide commentary for the showcase story. Lawler and Ross are considered one of the best duos that have ever done WWE commentary, so fans that may have grown up with the two are in for a nostalgic treat.

It should be noted that WWE 13 did something similar, as it heavily focused on the Attitude Era mode with “Stone Cold” being one of the playable characters as well. However, the mode did also have players use other characters like Shawn Michaels, Mankind, The Rock and The Undertaker, whereas WWE 2K16 will most probably keep the spotlight on Austin and his rivals.

Normally, the idea to showcase Steve Austin in a WWE video game would be a no-brainer, but due to recent rumors about the “Texas Rattlesnake” and his relationship with WWE, the announcement comes as a surprise. There were rumors of Austin having problems with the company due to his lack of appearances after his podcasts with Triple H and Vince McMahon.

More fuel was added to the fire when WWE had Chris Jericho do two podcasts and appointed him the host of “Tough Enough,” but Austin squashed those rumors on the "Stone Cold Podcast," claiming things were fine. He may be right, as not only does the new WWE video game have a mode showcasing him, but he will also be heavily featured in the WWE Network this June. According to Wrestling Inc., Austin will host a live version of the “Stone Cold Podcast” with big name guests such as Hulk Hogan, Paul Heyman and Sting.

“WWE 2K16” will be out this October for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Fans of the series can also expect a roster reveal for the game sometime before the WWE event SummerSlam.

WWE 2K16: Stone Cold Attitude Era Showcase Confirmed! (Credit: YouTube/Smacktalks)