The researchers of Climate Central and the University of Arizona has predicted that about four million Americans could be at the risk of severe flooding by the end of 21st century due to unexpected climate changes and sea level rise.

According to the scientists, the sea levels around the country is rising abruptly and since about 32,000 sq km of land lies within one meter of the high tide line, about 1.5 percent U.S. population living in 2.1 million housing units could be at the risk of rigorous flooding and destruction, TG Daily reported.

The sea level rise taking place right now is quickly making extreme coastal floods more common, increasing risk for millions of people where they live and work, Ben Strauss, a researcher at Climate Central, said.

Looking at the present scenario, the researchers foresee over a meter rise in the sea level over the century.

Also, the new model built to estimate the extent of flooding risk and global sea level rise in future shows that almost 55 locations might see frequent storm-driven high water levels by the middle of the century.

The areas surrounding the Gulf, including Florida, Louisiana, California, New York and New Jersey appears to be most vulnerable, the researchers said.

Sea level rise makes every single coastal storm flood higher. With so many communities concentrated on US coasts, the odds for major damage get bigger every year, Strauss said.