Samsung is expected to release a host of new and updated products alongside the Galaxy S8 come March 29. In particular, the Samsung DeX virtual PC station may be an accessory that allows users to connect their Galaxy S8 smartphone to a computer and project the smartphone’s screen on a computer display. DeX is likely Samsung’s answer to Microsoft Continuum, which serves the same purpose, except it will be powered by the Android operating system instead of Windows 10 Mobile.  

Many details about Samsung DeX remain unknown; however, some rumors and leaks paint a picture of what consumers can expect from the PC station. Here’s a rundown of what we know about Samsung DeX.  

Samsung DeX confirmation?

Though not much is known about the DeX station, Samsung has essentially confirmed its existence through trademark filings, which show that Samsung owns the right to the name Samsung DeX. Documents like these often surface not long before a Samsung product release.  

What Samsung DeX might look like

AndroidPolice shared in February images of Samsung DeX and how it may work with the Galaxy S8. It appears the DeX station could also double as a charging station as it resembles Samsung’s current wireless charging docs. The station would possibly use the PC as its power source.  

How Samsung Dex works

According to Android Police, Samsung DeX will connect to computers via an HDMI cable, which will allow its connection to Galaxy S8 handsets to be wireless. From there DeX would project the smartphone screen onto a computer monitor, converting the standard smartphone home screen interface into one that looks more like a computer interface with an extended task bar and stand button.

What Samsung DeX might cost

Tech informant Evan Blass recently shared a list of possible prices for all of Samsung’s upcoming device. Samsung DeX may sell for 150€ or $161. A price for the PC station indicates that it will be sold separately from the Galaxy S8.