Four Uber drivers who had committed serious offenses were cited by Los Angeles International Airport police while driving for the alternative car service, the Los Angeles Times reported. Some of the drivers' criminal convictions include child exploitation, identity theft, manslaughter and driving under the influence -- all of which would prevent them from becoming Los Angeles taxi drivers.

Their criminal histories were recently unearthed by a representative of the taxi industry who provided a city official with citations and court records for eight Uber drivers who were cited for minor violations at the airport in the last 18 months. The Los Angeles Times independently verified the records of the drivers were accurate.  




The other four drivers included in the files had charges or convictions that would probably not prevent them from receiving a Los Angeles taxi permit because they were misdemeanors or occurred more than seven years ago.

The information was brought to light as the Los Angeles City Council debated an airport permit process that would enable ride companies such as Uber legally to pick up riders at the airport. Currently, airport officials allow ride-booking service drivers to pay $4 each time they pick up a passenger there, but some city officials do not agree with the current system KABC, Los Angeles, reported

News of the four drivers' criminal records also raise concerns about the application process and safety of companies such as Uber. 

City Councilman Paul Krekorian is one of six city council members who want the city to regulate the current system. His "goal is to guarantee adequate public safety standards exist to govern the operation of all transportation providers at LAX so that riders are protected and ensure there is full and equal access for people with disabilities," he said in a statement.