A small aircraft that strayed into the airspace of U.S. President Barack Obama was found packed with cannabis of around 18 kg (40lb). The Cessna aircraft was intercepted by two F-16s which moved after the aircraft entered the restricted airspace.

Although, the Secret Service informed that the President was never in any danger, the incident caused an alarm after it entered into Marine One's airspace. The President reportedly was using the White House helicopter, Marine One, to get to the affluent seaside neighbourhood of Corona Del Mar from Los Angeles for a fundraising event.  

I can confirm that a plane entered the airspace of Marine One, the restricted airspace, and then was landed at Long Beach airport. The occupants were held by local authorities until agents could respond to interview them, and it was determined that there was no protective interest, the Telegraph quoted a spokesman as saying.

Following this, officials requested the small plane to land at the Long Beach Airport in Los Angeles County, Calif.

Associated Press reported that upon searching, the authorities found 640 ounces of cannabis and a mother lode worth around $160,000 (£100,000). The pilot and one of the passengers onboard the plane were then sent to local authorities for further questioning.