Virtual keyboard maker Swype has released its beta version of for all Android phones for a limited period of time.

Until now Swype app came pre-installed on select Android phones. But now a user can avail the beta version of Swype for free. Users can register on their website to download the beta version. However, it comes with certain hardware limitations.

Swype is an alternative method to the traditional QWERTY keyboard style typing as it allows users to glide their finger across the touch screen keyboard from letter to letter drawing a continuous line between the letters. The software detects the finger motion to guess the word the user is attempting to type. Swype claims that its technology enables users to type 40 words per minute.

The technology was developed by Cliff Kushler in conjunction with fellow scientist Randy Marsden. Kushler also created the T9 software that brought down the number of tabs required to type hello from 13 to three tabs by guessing the word being typed.