Deborah Ford has retired from her job as a U.S. Postal Service employee in Detroit, and the 64-year-old has spent no sick days during her 44 years as a worker.

Not only had major illness eluded Ford in the 44 years that she hadn’t taken a sick day, she also didn’t use one of those sick days just to get away from work.

How come Ford used no sick days in her 44 years on the job?

“I wasn’t sick,” the 64-year-old replied when asked by CNN in this video. “Well, little minor illnesses. You shake it off.”

While doctors prescribe some rest during an illness, Ford said all she needed was to be at Detroit’s main post office, where she worked as a clerk, to feel better.

“You feel better when you get there,” she said.

Ford also said she had a sense of duty in deciding to take no sick days in 44 years.

“When you go to that mailbox, you want a letter? I want to make sure you get one,” she said.

Whenever Ford had a doctor’s important, she would use her vacation days instead of sick days, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Chuck Howe, district manager of the postal service’s Detroit District, called Ford “amazing” and “remarkable” during a party celebrating Ford’s retirement last week.

Howe gave Ford a proclamation that noted she never missed work and told her that she retired with a sick-leave balance of 4,508 hours.

Ford will be rewarded for never using a sick day. Her pension will increase by 5 percent because of the unused sick days, U.S. Postal Service spokesman Ed Moore told the Free Press.

The 64-year-old, who lives with 86-year-old father in Detroit, said she’ll miss her former co-workers.

"It's been my honor to serve the postal system all these years. You don't miss the brick and mortar, but you certainly miss the people,” she said.

Ford said her good health allowed her to never use a sick day. Unfortunately, she’s not sure if she has advice to help others follow in her footsteps.

"I have no secrets. If I did, I'd write a book," she told the Free Press. “But a positive attitude helps.”