Drug addiction impacts both mental and physical health. However, illegal drug trade has become one of the most lucrative businesses around the world.

Here’s a look at five most dangerous legal and illegal drugs around the world, and the effect they have on the human body.

Purple Drank

An unusual drug — purple drank — was popularized in the '90s when hip hop artists of the likes of Jay Z and Big Moe mentioned it in their songs. It is a concoction made of soda water, and sweets like candy. But a major component is codeine cough syrup that gives the user a dizzy feeling.

The drug is also called Sizzurp and the codeine content makes its color purple. Consumption of the drug can cause heart failure and respiratory issues. The risk increases when the drug is combined with alcohol.

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This drug is illegal in all the countries around the world, which are members of United Nations, under a UN agreement. Even the countries that are not UN members like Switzerland have also made it illegal to consume or sell Esctasy.

Also known as the "love pill," the drug is considered to be in the same category as heroin, however, experts in countries like Spain and Holland have advised their governments that the drug be moved down to a lower category such as cannabis.

Once you consume it, the drug is said to increase your sense for the perception of sound and color.

GettyImages-1307267 A small bag of the drug Ecstasy is displayed at the Customs House in Los Angeles, California, July 26, 2000. Photo: Getty Images

Crack Cocaine

The side effects of this drug include permanent damage to blood vessels that can lead to heart attacks, and kidney, lung and liver damage. These damages can ultimately turn to be fatal.

Crack cocaine first came into the limelight in the 1980s when the U.S. was in the grips of crack epidemic. Drug dealers modified cocaine into rock like shapes with the help of baking soda. Dealers resorted to this method as it became easier to sell a lower amount of cocaine to a higher number of people. 

LSD- Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

This drug is mainly used for recreational and spiritual purposes. Its effects may last upto 14 hours. Derived from a poisonous fungus, it is called a psychedelic drug because of the psychological effects that it leaves on its users, including changed awareness of surrounding environment, among other sensations. It can also reduce a user's appetite to a large extent.

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Everyone loves coffee, but too much of caffeine consumption is not good for health.

It stimulates the nervous system; however, caffeine overdose can lead to rapid heartbeat, nervousness, muscle tremors, restlessness, upset stomach and irritability.

Drinking high amounts of caffeine every day in the long term can also increase the chances of insomnia and fatigue. However, it has some positive effects too. It can boost alertness and help you stay up when you feel drowsy.

GettyImages-456344392 An espresso coffee is seen at Eternity Coffee Roasters during National Coffee Day in Miami, Florida, Sept. 29, 2014. Photo: Getty Images