Number crunching abilities, acute analytical skills, a keen business sense and entrepreneurial initiative - these are the attributes traditionally associated with and most in demand in an MBA graduate. But design instinct, art appreciation and cultural knowledge? Could an MBA program also develop these?
Well, yes...some sure can. A growing realization of the importance of inculcating administrative and business skills even in those who wish to grow their careers in the long term in creative fields such as art, fashion and entertainment have led to a number of management programs with an interdisciplinary bent that can groom managerial talent for these fields.
While some are offered as three-year dual MBA-MFA/MBA-MA degree programs, others are uniquely structured two-year programs that offer a combination of core and elective courses that blend instruction in management and aspects of art and design.
We take a look at 5 prominent MBA programs that have a special thrust on management education for those geared towards a creative career pursuit.