Here is a list of the coolest Windows 7 features which you might have missed while you were using them:

Device Stage: Device Stage makes it easier for you to connect cameras, cellphones or printers to your PC. A screen with pictures showing the devices appears and displays all the applications, services and links to web pages and online user manuals. You can later use the information by right-clicking and using Jump Lists. The Device Stage only works with Windows 7 compatible devices, which are connected by USB, Wi-fi or Bluetooth.

NetFlix in Media Center: You can easily watch movies in the Windows Media Center if you have a NetFlix membership. The NetFlix option should probably be in your Windows 7 Media Center. You can also access it by going to Tasks -> Settings -> General -> Automatic Download options where you can install it manually. After you are done with this, just select the NetFlix tile in the Media Center and sign in with your membership ID. However, you will need Silverlight to search movies from the video queue.

Themes for Windows 7: Just right-click anywhere on your desktop and select “Personalize”. You can choose from pre-installed Aero Themes and can also download from the web where you will find a vast array of goodies to choose from. You may also get ad-sponsored themes from latest movies, cars and drinks to name a few.

Sticky Notes: You can now stop sticking those yellow notes on your computer or wall and go digital by using the Sticky Notes application in your Windows 7. The app is simple to find. Just click on start and type the name and you will find it. Here you can format a note’s text, alter colors, resize and even flip through them. It’s available in all the Windows 7 versions.

Problem Steps Recorder: This feature has been made keeping the techies and IT professionals in mind who help others with a lot of computer-based problems. The PSR can record step-by-step procedures of what the user is trying to do. Then it generates an HTML slideshow of the user’s actions with the description of the process followed earlier. The file can directly be sent for viewing. To access the feature, just click on start and type PSR in the search field.