A 52-car pileup on the autobahn highway in northern Germany has left three people dead and 35 injured. The accident happened on Friday evening on the A31 autobahn, according to the Huffington Post.

This stretch of highway is located near the town of Gronau at the border of the Netherlands. Of the 35 injured, police reported that 14 were taken to the hospital and 21 had minor injuries.

Reuters reported that hundreds of emergency workers were on scene helping the victims. They closed down a stretch of highway nearly six miles long.

According to InAutoNews, dense fog settled in the area and caused decreased visibility. Although authorities have not yet reported on a definitive cause for the crash, there have been suggestions that heavy fog was to blame.The fog then led to the subsequent crashes, as drivers did not see the pileup ahead.

This crash is not the worst in Germany's recent history, however. In 2009, 66 people were injured when 259 cars collided on a highway in a northern region of the country.

The German autobahns, spanning 7,950 miles, are famous for having no official speed limits, although they do have a suggested speed of 81 mph.

Take a look at a video from the scene of the accident Friday.