55-year-old cheerleader wannabe Sharon Simmons has made waves with her pursuit of becoming a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

Simmons' pursuit of becoming a cheerleader at her age has set the Internet on fire. Her name and 55-year-old cheerleader were two of the hottest search terms the past few days as interest in her story hit epic levels.

But just who is Sharon Simmons and why is she trying to become a cheerleader at 55? Here are five things to know about Simmons and her situation.

1) She's wanted to be a cheerleader for a long time

Simmons has told the media that she's been dreaming of becoming a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader since she was 22-years-old, but that she pushed back trying out for the team for decades due to starting a career and raising a family.

2) She's a fitness guru

Some might wonder how a 55-year-old would be physically able to be a cheerleader, but Simmons has won multiple fitness competitions and wrote a fitness book, Triple F: Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous.

3) She had a tough upbringing

Simmons grew up in a poor family in Tennessee and used to get made fun of for wearing hand-me-downs clothing that her family got from their local Church, according to her website. She says that she and her three brothers had to raise themselves because her mom had to work three jobs to make ends meet.

4) She's also pursuing an acting career

In addition to chasing her dream of becoming a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, Simmons also has the acting itch. She just recently broke into the field, but will appear on the television show Dallas on TNT in June and has also done some commercial work.

5) She wouldn't be the only Grandma cheerleader

Simmons, a grandmother of two, wouldn't be the only grandma cheerleader in the NFL if she makes the cut with the Cowboys. Suzie Sanchez of the Oakland Raiders is a grandmother at the young age of 37.