British Prime Minister David Cameron will burn Thursday in England -- or at least a 15-foot effigy of him will. Townspeople in Lewes, England, constructed and were planning to set aflame a huge statue of Cameron, naked and holding a pig's head on his lap, for Guy Fawkes Night, the Independent reported.

The effigy was a nod to "Pig-Gate," a news story that broke in late September when the Daily Mail published excepts from an unauthorized biography of Cameron. The book alleges that as a college student, Cameron, who was re-elected in May, "inserted a private part of his anatomy" into a dead pig's mouth in an initiation ceremony, the Washington Post reported. Cameron denied the account and told reporters he was "too busy running the country" to sue the book's authors.

Lewes residents were set to burn the Cameron effigy as part of their Nov. 5 celebrations in honor of would-be assassin Fawkes' failed attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605. Since then, the English -- especially residents of Sussex, where Lewes is located -- have burned people like Fawkes and public figures like the pope to keep with tradition. Bonfire societies also recognize the martyrdom of 17 Protestants burned in the 1500s.

Recently, the effigies have become political. Last year, residents burned a huge puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin wearing a thong swimsuit, and in 2013 they targeted an effigy of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a baby, BBC News reported. Lewes' other victims over the years have included al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, former United States President George W. Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In addition to Cameron and the pig this year, the Evening Standard reported Lewes planned to burn an effigy of Sepp Blatter, the disgraced and suspended president of FIFA. "My goddaughter has come to Lewes for her first bonfire tonight," a local resident told the Mirror. "Explaining it last night reminded me how deranged and brilliant Lewes is."