The digital world is moving fast. We know it very well. But how fast? Here is some idea on how fast the digital world is moving. Put on your seat-belts as - hold your breath - it is moving at the speed of light.

The Big Picture, a blog co-managed by investment professionals, have unveiled interesting and impressive infographics to show what we all do in 60 seconds. Either writing stories to add knowledge, reading it, tweeting, posting up pictures in Facebook or browsing Web pages and Googling, all these make up today's online world.

Let us see what the infographics have to say:

First, the infographics show what we do with our laptop or desktop or mobile computing device.

Let's start with Facebook. Every 60 seconds, over 695,000 new status gets updated on the world's no.1 social networking site and 79,364 wall posts and 510,040 comments are getting posted. How about Twitter, the micro-blogging site? 98,000 tweets are being sent every 60 seconds and over 320 new Twitter accounts are being created.

Every 60 seconds, over 100 new accounts are being opened in LinkedIn and over 6,600 new pictures are being uploaded on Flickr.

YouTube users are keeping themselves busy too - every 60 seconds, over 600 new videos are being uploaded on YouTube.

No wonder, SNS (Social Media Service) has grown to become a part of our daily life.

How about E-mailing and blogging? Every minute, 168 million emails are being sent out, 1,500 blogs are being posted and over 60 new blog accounts are being created. Especially the volume of Emailing (by now, a kind of antique tool of online communication), has not reduced at all, despite of craze of SNS. Probably the reason is because what we send in email might be slightly different from what we post up in SNS.

There's more interesting facts - every 60 seconds, 12,000 new ads are being posted on Craiglist and over 370,000 minutes of voice calls are being made on Skype. Now, that's what we call living in a connected world.

And, how can we miss out Googling? 694,445 search queries are being made by the Netizen every 60 seconds. It is almost as much as the number of status updates made on Facebook every minute.

Every 60 seconds, over 70 domains are getting registered and over 1,700 Firefox browsers are getting downloaded.

And iPhone fans are downloading 13,000 apps every 60 seconds.

The second infographics show what we buy to catch up with this light-speed digital world.

According to Big Picture's analysis, 81 iPads, 925 iPhone 4S, 232 BlackBerrys, 11 Xbox 360 game consoles, 18 Amazon Kindle Fires and 710 computers (of which, 555 run on Intel) are getting sold every minute. In terms of software, Microsoft is ahead of the pack as, every 60 seconds, 450 Windows 7 CDs are getting sold. Ebay is a major cyber transaction platform in this regard, with over 950 purchases being made every minute.

And, what about instant messengers? Eleven million conversations are taking place every 60 seconds on instant messengers.

Alas, some people are up to no good too. Every 60 seconds, 2 million people watch porn online and 232 computers get affected by malware. Hackers are also keeping themselves busy, as every 60 seconds, 416 hack attempts are being made and 12 Web sites are getting successfully hacked.

However, it doesn't stop Google's march, as, every 60 seconds, the Internet search engine giant is earning $75,000 (mainly from search-related ads).

Indeed, it seems everyone in this world are busy as a bee every 60 seconds.