6th Grader Brings $20K To School: Student Has Backpack Full Of Money, Gives Cash Away To Students

A 6th grader at Taylor School District in Taylor, Michigan brought a backpack full of money to school, reportedly amounting to $20K in cash which she then gave away to other students. Creative Commons

While some sixth-graders run around with backpacks full of snacks, toys or even -- dare we say -- textbooks, one sixth-grader in Michigan sported a backpack full of money.

According to ABC affiliate WXYZ, police are investigating an odd incident that occurred at the Taylor School District in Taylor, Mich.: A 12-year-old girl brought a backpack full of $20,000 in cold, hard cash to school on Monday.

The incident escalated when the female student began passing out the cash from her backpack to other students at the Sixth Grade Academy Building. WXYZ reported she gave one student $200 and another kid $500.

Police said the student obtained the backpack full of cash from “a friend across the street in her neighborhood.”

The Taylor School District became aware of the backpack full of money only after the sixth- grader began to pass it out. The principal notified the police.

Authorities took the backpack away from the girl as part of the investigation. Police are working to find out which family gave the money to the student, demanding an explanation of its origin and purpose.

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