An iPhone app has been created by 7-year-old Connor Zamary, possibly the youngest person to create an iPhone application ever.

The app called Toaster Pop, currently on sale on Apple's App Store for 99 cents, was completely created by the first grader from the conceptual development to the entire entrepreneurial process.

He pitched investors, made his own PowerPoint, filled out the paperwork for his LLC all by himself, has done conference calls with the West Coast developers, said Connor's father Craig Zamary to CNET.

The youngster even developed the concept for the app, a game in which the object is to butter toast popping from a toaster, based on a story from his father.

My dad was telling me about an old fashion toaster since I never saw one before. Then it just came to me to create an app, where toast would pop out of the toaster, land on a plate and you would have to butter it with butter, said Connor to CNET.

Toaster Pop has various stages, beginning with butter, then jams, and then The Works which includes a mix of spreads.

The child, novice app developer evaluated software developers and contributed to the development process himself, giving his input for ideas along with feedback from family members and friends.

There was like the beginning of how I thought of Toaster Pop, and then the different levels, the cost and the NDA part, Connor said to WYTV, his local Ohio television network.

However, Connor said the hardest part of creating an iPhone app was prepping for a pitch to investors, admitting he was nervous.

So what are the future plans for this aspiring CEO or Software Engineer? Connor Zamary is already preparing version 2.0 for his app along with helping his 6-year-old sister Annabelle to develop a pitch for her idea for an iPhone app, according to CNET.

Zamary also plans to donoate a portion of the profits to children less fortunate than himself, according to WYTV.