A high school football player in Texas has set a new state record by bench-pressing 700 pounds.

Matt Poursoltani, a senior at Pilot Point High School, performed the incredible 700-pound lift at Saturday’s State Powerlifting Meet in Abilene, smashing his old record of 570 pounds. In other words, Poursoltani needed just one year to increase his maximum bench press by more than 100 pounds, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The 5-foot-10, 270-pound behemoth may not be regarded as one of the nation’s top college football prospects, but he’s already stronger than just about every player in the history of the National Football League. According to NESN, the league’s all-time bench press record reportedly belongs to Larry Allen, a legendary Dallas Cowboys guard who once managed a 705-pound lift. Still, Allen tipped the scales at 325 pounds, making the comparably svelte Poursoltani’s lift all the more impressive.

Poursoltani is well-aware that sports fans tend to associate any sort of athletic anomaly with the use of performing-enhancing substances and wasted no time addressing rumors that he has used artificial enhancers.

“If you need something to help you work out, you need to get out of the sport,” Poursoltani told the Morning News. “If you can’t drive yourself that hard to come in here and work out, then it’s probably just not for you.”

Time will tell if Poursoltani will play football at the professional level, but his strength will certainly afford him other options. Yahoo Sports notes the current world record for the bench press belongs to Ryan Kennelly, who lifted 1,075 pounds in 2008. While Poursoltani is still more than 300 pounds away from that mark, the massive youth has yet to enter his prime.

If the young man known as the Freak Show can add 100 pounds to his bench press in a single year, an 1,100-pound lift is well within the realm of possibility.