A 33-year-old man claims that he has been thrown out of the Rhode Island hospital weight loss program for ordering a pizza.

According to Steven Assanti, he was living in his father's car when he was sacked out of the hospital program for ordering a pizza. Assanti weighs around 800 pounds and had already spent nearly 3 months in the hospital's program.

During his stint at the hospital's weight loss program, Assanti had lost around 20 pounds. Newser reported that Assanti's aim was to get down to 550 pounds so that he could get a gastric bypass. However, he was given the boot by the hospital for not limiting himself to the strict diet plan that needs to be followed while being enrolled in the weight loss program.

ABC6 reports that Assanti ordered a pizza from his favorite spot in Cranston as a “cheat meal” for celebrating his victory is losing a small amount of weight.

"I have an addiction to food. I just love to eat. I progressively became worse and it became like an addiction and I realize it is an addiction and a disease," said Assanti, in an interview.

After spending some time in his dad's SUV, Assanti was moved to Kent County Hospital Wednesday. Assanti's social worker and his dad are now trying to find a permanent location for him.

"If he comes home and I do get him up the stairs somehow, someway he's going to go right back to his eating habits," said Assanti's father, Steven Veillette, in a statement.

Veillette further said that Assanti needs a continuous monitoring so that he does not put on more weight. The Huffington Post reports that Veillette is considering to shifting Assanti in an apartment complex in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.