Two burglars learned the dangers of butt dialing the hard way after one of the crooks unwittingly dialed 911 after breaking into a home in Oklahoma.

“Never have I seen or heard of anything like this,” Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns told KJRH in Tulsa about the McAlester, Okla., incident, calling the butt-dialing burglar “one of the world’s dumbest criminals.”

Initially, the burglary was a success, with the burglars fleeing the home with money, jewelry and at least one gun, KJRH reported. But the burglars were busted after one of them butt-dialed 911.

Kerns referred to the butt-dialing incident, but declined to use the exact phrase.

"We've got a terminology for it I probably better not use, but they accidentally dialed 911," he told the Tulsa television station.

A 911 dispatcher then handed over the call to authorities, who listened in on the thieves talking about the burglary and the items they stole. Authorities were able to track the cell phone and found the suspected burglary at a nearby pawn shop.

One suspect, 23-year-old Payton Seth Brewer, was apprehended. The second suspect fled and was still on the loose as of Monday.

Brewer was being held on second-degree burglary charges at the Pittsburg County jail on $25,000 bond.

Kerns was scratching his head as to why a burglar would keep his cell phone in his back pocket.

"I just can't understand why you would have that in your phone, close to where you would automatically dial that number," he said.

The McAlester incident isn’t the first time a criminal has been busted by the butt dial.

In May, two men were arrested in Fresno, Calif., after one of their phones butt-dialed 911. The men, Nathan Teklemariam and Carson Rinehart, were charged with breaking and entering, possession of stolen property and conspiracy after the 911 dispatcher allegedly caught them talking about breaking into cars and found items taken from one of the cars in their vehicle.