Aaron Hernandez has been in prison for nearly a year, awaiting trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Even though the ex-football player has been locked up since June 26, 2013, he hasn’t been able to steer clear of further legal trouble.

The former New England Patriots tight end has been indicted on charges related to an alleged incident with another inmate at the Bristol County House of Corrections. According to a press release, Hernandez faces charges of assault and battery, and threats to do bodily harm.

One Feb. 25, Hernandez reportedly got into a fight with inmate Andrew Booker. TMZ reports that the former NFL star attacked a defenseless Booker, who was in handcuffs at the time of the scuffle. Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said the fight didn’t even last a minute, though it was enough time for Hernandez to inflict punishment on his victim.

The fracas reportedly resulted from a verbal altercation. During his time in prison, Hernandez has been separated from the rest of the population because of his celebrity status. On the day of the fight, Hernandez was able to reach his victim when he was allowed to go for a walk in the hallway.  

According to the statement from the district attorney’s office, the incitement doesn’t only relate to the fight in February. Hernandez is accused of making threats on Nov. 1, 2013.

If Hernandez is eventually found guilty of his most recent alleged crime, it will likely be without the help of Booker. The victim’s lawyer told the Sun Chronicle in March that his client did not want to testify against Hernandez.

"He doesn't want to go after Hernandez. He doesn't want to be a rat," lawyer Michael Maloney said.

Hernandez’s temperament before the day of the fight was not indicative of his actions when he first went to jail. He was initially described as a well-behaved prisoner.

"So far, since he first came, from the day when I met with him, he's been pretty much a model inmate," Hodgson told NFL AM in July. "He's not been showing any signs of nervousness, he's been very polite and he's been very respectful."

The jailhouse assault isn’t the only crime that Hernandez has been investigated for, while stuck in jail. The 24-year-old is a suspect in a Boston shooting from July 2012. Nearly two years ago, two men were shot and killed as they sat in their car at a traffic light. Documents have suggested that authorities believe Hernandez might have been the shooter.

A date for Hernandez’s arraignment on the latest indictment has not been set. He already faces a first-degree murder charge and five weapons charges.