Multiple members of Aaron Hernandez’s family face charges related to the ex-football player’s alleged murder of Odin Lloyd. Tanya Singleton, Hernandez’s cousin, has two criminal cases against her.

Singleton’s lawyer, E. Peter Parker, is looking to combine the two charges into one trial. He contends that it would be in the best interest of the court and the defendant.

“The empanelment of two separate juries, two separate trials, and two separate sentencing proceedings in the event of convictions would be unnecessarily burdensome and resource-intensive, both for the court and for Ms. Singleton,’’ Parker wrote in papers filed in Bristol Superior Court, via the Boston Globe.

The defense also argues that having two trials would be unfair to Singleton, considering the publicity the first one might get. She faces one charge of criminal contempt and another charge of conspiracy to commit being an accessory to murder after the fact. Singleton has plead innocent to both.

The accessory charge stems from Singleton’s dealings with Hernandez’s alleged accomplices. Ernest Wallace was reportedly with the former New England Patriot on the night of Lloyd’s death. After the murder, authorities say Singleton helped Wallace escape to Florida, in addition to getting rid of her cell phone, which Wallace used to talk to Hernandez. Singleton also allegedly spoke to Carlos Ortiz, who’s being accused of being an accessory to Lloyd’s murder, about fleeing to Puerto Rico.

Singleton’s criminal contempt charge resulted from her refusal to speak to a grand jury about Hernandez. She allegedly would not testify, even after being granted immunity.

Hernandez’s cousin spent five months in jail, until being released on $15,000 bail. She is currently suffering from breast cancer.

It’s been over eight months since Hernandez was arrested for the murder of Lloyd. The 24-year-old has plead innocent to the charge, as well as five weapons-related charges. Since being in prison, though, Hernandez has been hit with even more charges.

Now, Hernandez faces an additional charge of assault and battery. It stems from an incident that took place between he and another prisoner. The former NFL tight end reportedly attacked an inmate that was wearing handcuffs. He was the only person charged, following Bristol County sheriff Tom Hodgson’s investigation.