One day after Aaron Hernandez was questioned by police in connection with an apparent murder, a Massachusetts news station reports that the New England Patriots star has not been ruled out as a suspect in the killing.

A law enforcement source reportedly told CBS Boston reporter Karen Anderson that Hernandez had not yet been ruled out as a suspect in the murder of Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old man in North Attleboro, Mass. Peter Wilson, CBS Boston’s managing editor, added that Hernandez was “not cooperating” with the investigation.

The investigation into the murder began on Monday, when Lloyd’s body was found in the North Attleboro Industrial Park, about a mile from Hernandez’s home, NESN reports. Hernandez was connected to the crime when police found a black Chevrolet Suburban rental car, which had been registered under his name, near the body’s resting place. Authorities also conducted a search of the car, ABC News reports.

Lloyd’s body was reportedly found by a jogger. The man declined to be identified by name, but described his grisly discovery in an interview with CBS Boston.

“I saw an African-American male, probably 25-35 years old, decently dressed,” the man said of the homicide victim. “He was stiff, motionless, one of the police officers came back later and said it looked the guy had been shot somewhere else and dumped here.”

Police first questioned Hernandez on Tuesday night before conducting a search of his North Attleboro home, NESN reports. Authorities were seen leaving the 23-year-old Patriots star’s home with a box in their possession. Still, initial reports suggested that, while police had questioned Hernandez, they did not believe that he was involved in actually committing the murder.

State Police detectives returned to the Hernandez residence on Wednesday morning, but their knocks at the front door went unanswered, CBS Boston reports. The authorities declined to speak with reporters at the scene. Earlier that same morning, Hernandez and an unidentified woman were seen leaving the home in a white Audi SUV, but similarly declined to comment on the homicide investigation.

Lloyd, identified as an “associate” of Hernandez, was a semi-pro linebacker with the Boston Bandits, CBS Boston reports. He last practiced with the team on Saturday.