This week, a dog was found abandoned by a passing motorist on Mooney Hill Road in Kent, N.Y. Little did that dog know, but his life was going to be completely turned around.

The poodle mix, estimated to be 9 or 10 years old, was missing teeth, malnourished, dehydrated, and covered in ticks, Chief Ken Ross of the Putnam County SPCA Human Law Enforcement Department told the Journal News.

When the dog was found, his fur was heavily matted and tape was found on his hind legs, making the veterinarian who checked him out believe that the previous owner taped its legs together to prevent it from running after the person.

The dog is currently in good hands, according to the Journal News. Veterinarians at the Carmel Animal Hospital in Kent have named the dog Lucky. He has now been shaved to get rid of the matted fur and treated for severe tick wounds. The tick wounds were so bad that initially, we thought they may have been puncture wounds from a coyote bite, Ross said.

Lucky is a friendly dog with a good character, which has driven 25 people to inquire about adopting the once-abandoned dog. While his past may have been filled with pain and loneliness, it looks like Lucky will have a bright and loving future.

An investigation is still under way to discover who abandoned the dog, the Journal News reported. The abandonment of an animal in New York is a misdemeanor, and Ross asks anyone with information to call (845) 520-6915.

Take a look to see a before picture of the poodle mix, Lucky, when he was brought to the animal hospital with matted hair, and an after picture of him following his treatment by the vets.