Abby Lee Miller’s favorite pupil may have moved on to bigger and better things, but she’s not done using her star power just yet. The “Dance Moms” coach recently announced she’s selling at-home dance classes for fans of her hit Lifetime series starring her 14-year-old former co-star. 

While Maddie parted ways with the “Dance Moms” series in May in favor of a movie career, she’s touted as being one of the students Abby uses to teach her online fundamentals of jazz course in the ALDC ad. “Abby will teach you the basics of Jazz dance to create a solid foundation of knowledge and body movement to prepare you for intermediate and advances courses,” the synopsis states. While fans can’t view the over one-hour online class without paying the $49.95 fee, Maddie is visible in the video still.

Those who want to learn from Abby but not pay almost $50 to do so can purchase single lessons, each of which retail for $19.95. One lesson, which features current “Dance Moms” star Kalani Hilliker, will teach you jazz basics, including stretching, while the other two lessons starring Maddie focus on remembering jazz repertoire and learning choreography.

“You can learn to dance just like the Members of The Abby Lee Dance Company,” Abby’s email blast announcing the unique class states. The email concludes with a quote from Abby, which reads: “I believe every child in the world should have the chance to dance.”

Amid Abby’s online class release, Maddie has announced her own business move. On Sunday, she and sister Mackenzie Ziegler revealed they will be traveling to Australia in early 2017. There, the siblings will perform, put on dance workshops with the Dream Dance Co. and participate in fan meet-and-greets. Tickets for the events go on sale Monday afternoon. The tour kicks off Jan. 9 in Melbourne and concludes in Jan. 19 in Sydney.

“We cannot wait because we love your beautiful country,” Maddie said in an Instagram announcement video. “We are so excited that we get to come and meet all of you and perform,” Mackenzie, 12, added. “Last time we were there you guys were so amazing, so we’re so excited.”