Taylor Lautner is helping Facebook make history.

His action movie Abduction has been released simultaneously through the social-networking site, DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download -- an industry first, Lionsgate announced Tuesday.

For $3.99, Facebook users in the U.S. can watch Abduction on demand via the movie's page on the social-networking site. At the same time, they can interact with friends, tag clips, interact with poll questions and answer a trivia question that unlocks an exclusive interview with Lautner, via technology from the Milyoni company.

We are excited to offer our highly social, tech-savvy movie fans a whole new experience with the release of 'Abduction' on Facebook, Anne Parducci -- who is executive vice president of Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Marketing -- said in a statement.

By leveraging the built-in social backdrop of Facebook and the tremendous reach of the platform, plus the opportunity to see special content featuring, we hope to offer fans a truly exhilarating viewing experience, the statement continued.

Milyoni's immersive technology allows innovative movie studios like Lionsgate to integrate fun social features into all aspects of the digital viewing experience, Milyoni CEO John Corpus said. The movie industry is on the verge of a new golden age - one that allows fans and their powerful social networks to spread the word and extend a movie's viral effect across regions.

This is the second unconventional release for Abduction. In an attempt to capitalize on holiday sales, the movie was released at a slightly premium VOD price for 10 days in late December -- well before hitting shelves in other formats.