The wife of a man who police charged with murdering four people in a Medford, L.I. pharmacy said her husband is responsible for the massacre revealing he did it for her.

David Laffer, an unemployed Army veteran with history of drug abuse was doing it because he lost his job and I was sick, his wife, Melinda Brady confessed to reporters in a drunken slur outside police headquarters in Yaphank.

Brady who is charged with third-degree robbery for her involvement in the Father's Day massacre was escorted from police headquarters by about a half-dozen detectives and female police officers.

Suffolk County police charged Laffer, 33, with first-degree murder in the mass shooting. Brady drove the getaway car to and from the pharmacy where a clerk, pharmacist and two customers were struck down, sources said.

Laffer wore a fake beard to disguise himself during the mass shooting inside Haven Drugs. When he was taken to the Fifth Precinct, where he was held overnight he sported a black eye which Suffolk County Police Commission Richard Dormer said was the result of force necessary to subdue the dangerous suspect.

The couple is accused of stealing more than 10,000 hydrocodone pills and returning home like normal until police busted down their door.

Tips to Suffolk Police poured in and a fingerprint found at the pharmacy lead to the raid of the Laffers' home Wednesday morning.

Police helicopters swarmed the area overhead as dozens of officers converged on the home and dragged Laffer and his wife out in handcuffs.

Brady is charged with obstruction of government administration for trying to prevent the police raid although Brady is said to be cooperative fully with detectives giving them valuable information about the shooting.

Laffer and Brady will be arraigned Thursday in District Court about 12:30.