Adding to the vast collection of reputable bands and musicians that can already be found on iTunes, AC/DC is finally releasing its music digitally to the Apple music store.

Columbia Records and Apple announced Monday that the classic rock band's music will be available at the iTunes Store worldwide.

The band, which was inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, is slated to release 16 studio albums, including “High Voltage” and “Back in Black.”

While the iTunes store has remained one of the most exclusive services for music and other forms of media, I wasn’t until 2010 when Apple struck a deal with the Beatles' record label, EMI Group, and management company and began selling the group's music.

Silvio Pietroluongo, Billboard's director of charts, told the Associated Press that AC/DC's decision isn't shocking.

"It's something that I think artists realize they need to do in order to get their music into the hands of their fans and to make more money," he said. "Right now with CD sales being what they are, touring is the main source of income and not every band is equipped to be out on tour 200 days a year to make the kind of money they need to make, or want to make."

In addition to their studio releases, Four of AC/DC's live albums and three compilation records are also available. The statement said the songs have been mastered for iTunes "with increased audio fidelity."

The group's first live album in 20 years, "Live at River Plate," is out Tuesday.