Acer, the world's No. 3 PC brand, should see revenues this year on a par with 2008, its chief executive officer Gianfranco Lanci told Italian newspaper La Stampa in an interview published on Tuesday.

With revenues equal to those of 2008, Lanci said in answer to a question on how he thought the company would close the year. Acer had 2008 revenues of 546 billion Taiwan dollars

($16.92 billion), according to its website.

Acer said on Oct. 12 that it expected third-quarter revenue to be up about 5 percent due to a rebound in tech demand as the global rebound shows more signs of recovery. [nTP260919]

Lanci said there would be more consolidation in the sector.

If you want profits, you have to consolidate. The acquisition process is not over, he said.

($1=32.26 Taiwan Dollar)

(reporting by Jo Winterbottom; Editing by Hans Peters)