The bodies of two children, who are believed to have been killed in an acid attack, were found in Afghanistan's eastern Ghazni province Friday, AFP reported.

According to the news service, the victims are a girl believed to be around 12 years old and a boy aged about 15. Officials said that the youngsters died after being doused with acid. They also had acid thrown into their mouths, CNN said.

Their bodies and faces were burnt by acid, provincial police chief Zorawar Zahid was quoted as saying by AFP.

CNN reported that the bodies were discovered in Nani village, the Andar district of Ghazni province, and that villagers alerted the Afghan National Army who brought the dead children to Ghazni hospital.

According to AFP, police authorities have no knowledge of the children's families, with no one coming forward to claim their bodies. It's also reported that the officials are yet to determine the motive for the attack. However, the people who discovered the bodies believed that the horrific attack was brought on as a result of a friendship developed between the two children.

Despite Taliban power coming to a near end in Afghanistan, the regime's ultra conservative policies towards women and relationships were still prevalent in the country, the report said.  Several young girls in the past were attacked and even killed for opposing Islamic traditions.

In 2008, fifteen girls had acid sprayed on their faces as they were walking to school. It is believed that the attack was carried out by Taliban militants opposed to the notion of educating women.

In 2010, a 17-yearl-old girl and her family were seriously injured when several gunmen splashed acid onto them for rejecting a marriage proposal from a former gunman, an earlier AFP report said.