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South China Sea Protests

China-Philippines Territorial Standoff Leads To Clampdown on Trade; Economic Sanctions Likely

Trade relations between China and Philippines are likely to go downhill unless territorial dispute between the two governments over the South China Sea is resolved, believe experts. The standoff has apparently extended to economic crisis, with fruit trade and tourism sectors already taken a hit, the China Daily reported. Unless bilateral tensions ease over disputed ownership of Huangyan Island, the problem may likely worsen with economic sanctions imposed.

Buddhist Monks' Smoking, Drinking And Gambling Scandal Sweeps South Korea

Six Buddhist monks were caught smack in the middle of a controversy, after a video showing the leaders performing illegal activities was aired on television networks, days ahead of a South Korea's religious holiday that marks the birth of Buddha. The controversial clip exposed the senior monks drinking, smoking and gambling with thousands in cash at stake involved. The incident, which reportedly happened in a luxury hotel room late April, was taped in secret and was released to the media a...
Sudanese refugees Fleeing Conflict

Sudan Refugees Scrambling For Aid In Relief Camps

Tens of thousands of civilians are abandoning their homes in the ill-defined border of South Kordofan as they try to escape intense clashes between Sudanese and South Sudanese troops. As with most...
China’s oldest pole dancer

Sun Fengqin: Meet China?s Pole-Dancing Granny

For most people, pole dancing is pre-conceived as an exotic dance form restricted to the modern generation. However, for Sun Fengqin, her sixty years won't hold her back from performing.