Richard Lynch, the Halloween and Battlestar Galactica actor who scarred his face after setting himself on fire following a bad acid trip, died yesterday at age 76.

Actor Richard Lynch's body was found by his friend, actress Catherine Vogel, inside the kitchen of Lynch's Palm Springs, Calif., home, the Associated Press reported.

The circumstances surrounding Lynch's death are unknown, although the actor's representative told the AP, from what I currently understand, no investigation into the cause of his death will be made as his body was sent directly to a funeral home.

Lynch's appearance made him ideal for the villainous roles that characterized his career.

In 1967, Lynch set himself on fire in Central Park after taking LSD, scarring his face.

Born February 12, 1936 in Brooklyn, N.Y., to Irish immigrant parents, Lynch got his acting start in 1973's Scarecrow alongside Gene Hackman and Al Pacino.

Lynch would go on to appear in 159 more films and television shows.

Among actor Richard Lynch's more memorable roles were Bad Dreams in 1988 and 1982's The Sword and the Sorcerer. Lynch played villains in both films.

The actor is best known to younger audiences for his role as Principal Chambers in the 2007 Halloween remake.

Richard Lynch fans paid tribute to the B-movie actor on his IMDB page.

I loved this guy, wrote user jac_at_nac. He always scared the crap out of me as a kid.

RIP. May watch The Seven Ups tonight in tribute--his reactions as a petrified passenger during that film's car chase scene were priceless!, wrote shani-3.

He was always the perfect villan. RIP, Richard, said USS_Reprisal.

IMDB user Jodofett said they grew up with Lynch's films.

Rest in peace Mr Richard Lynch.You were the baddest! me and my brothers and friends grew up watching ya on tv!, Jodofett wrote. Battlestar Galactica, Galactica 1980,Next Generation, Buck Rogers, Airwolf, Blue Thunder, manimal, Automan and on film Invasion USA! Dont forget Steel with Lee Majors Lynch played a good guy!

Richard Lynch is survived by his wife, Lily Lynch and a brother, Barry Lynch. A son with first wife Lily Lynch, Christopher Lynch, preceded Richard Lynch in death.