Actor Tom Sizemore spent several hours behind bars in Los Angeles on Tuesday for apparently missing a court date last month, police and judicial officials said.

The Saving Private Ryan actor, is trying to make a comeback from drug addiction with a role in TV show Hawaii Five-O, was arrested by police during a drug-related investigation.

Although no drugs were found, police found Sizemore had an outstanding warrant against him, which officials said was issued when he failed to turn up for a court date in August relating to a 2009 arrest for battery.

Sizemore, 49, has spent years in an out of courts on drug related charges and appeared on TV show Celebrity Rehab in 2010 to try and beat his habit.

He is set to appear in the new season of detective series Hawaii 5-O as the internal affairs chief of Hawaii's police department.

Sizemore was released on $26,000 bail early on Tuesday morning, police said. He told celebrity website TMZ that the arrest warrant was a mistake caused by a clerical error over community service hours imposed in the 2009 case.