Rachel Uchitel, the alleged mistress of golf world champion Tiger Woods, has also been romantically involved with many celebrities and baseball players, BlackBook Magazine reported

In an interview published last year in the magazine , Uchitel says she had romantic affairs with a famous baseball player. According to People Magazine more than one, Yankees' Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter were reportedly involved with her, People reported Monday.

She also dated a Broadway star, a musician, and various film and television actors, Uchitel told BlackBook in the interview. Information is emerging that Bones actor David Boreanaz is one of them, the National Enquirer reported.

Uchitel is subject of a national scandal with golf champion Woods, who allegedly started dating her in June, reports say. Uchitel has denied any involvement with Woods and he, who is married to supermodel Elin Nordegrin has depicted the allegations as irresponsible.


Tiger Woods and his wife supermodel Elin Nordegrin. (Photo:Reuters)