Aerosmith star Steven Tyler went back on stage 24 hours for the rearranged date after being forced to cancel a live performance following a nasty fall in the shower.

An Aerosmith concert in Paraguay was postponed after singer Steven Tyler fell in his hotel bathroom, hitting his face and breaking two teeth. Tyler, who received stitches to his face and broke his teeth in the fall on Tuesday, told NBC's Today show that he was suffering from Montezuma's revenge, or stomach flu.

I was in the shower and I got nauseous, and I started to get sick and I fell on my face. I just passed out, he said.

Tyler, 63, said he woke up with the water running on me wondering where the hell I was, at which point his tour manager phoned the American embassy for help with a hospital. He was treated at a hospital near Asuncion for cuts and received two dental implants for the lost teeth.

After the gig, which was Aerosmith's first in Paraguay, bandmate Joe Perry said: “Even with a busted lip, it was one of his best shows ever.”