The Mexican Tourism Board is in the midst of its ‘beaches on wheels’ campaign in an effort to lure Canadians and Americans away from the cold to the tropical resorts awaiting them in Mexico.

The mobile truck display features swimsuit-wearing actors lounging and playing on a transparent heated set which imitates the sand, sun and vegetation of Mexico’s beaches. The marketing tour, first used in 2004, will last a total of eight weeks in various cities throughout North America. The Board will be teaming up with tour operators to organize special events that promote getaways to consumers and travel industry representatives.

The 'beaches on wheels' should be considered a holiday gift from Mexico to Canada and the U.S. - a dose of warmth just when it is needed most, said Magdalena Carral, CEO of the Mexico Tourism Board. It is our hope that the people who see our mobile displays will understand that Mexico welcomes them with open arms the year long, and particularly when the temperature drops.

Around 90 percent or 22 million international tourists to Mexico come from the United States and Canada, according to the Board. The rolling advertising campaign began November 4 and will last until the end of December.

The Board says the ‘beaches on wheels’ campaign was made to create a favorable disposition in North Americans, noting that many often make their decisions to travel at the spur of a moment. So far two million people have seen the campaign each year, the Board says, adding that it has won three international publicity awards for the effort.