In next week's episode of Showtime's "The Affair," Noah Solloway (Dominic West) discovers Alison Lockhart (Ruth Wilson) has been keeping a secret. Unfortunately, based on the teaser videos released for the Season 2, episode 11 installment, it's not the Joanie-may-not-be-your-baby secret

In the first sneak peek, Noah tells his best friend Max (Josh Stamberg) that Alison’s been lying about going to school. In episode 10 it was revealed that Alison was studying to become a doctor but she couldn't seem to balance being a mom to a one-year-old and school. 

Noah tells Max that Alison quit school over a month ago and never told him. The writer says he's not sure if he can trust her anymore and he's not sure how their relationship is going to work. Max doesn't seem concerned that Alison's been lying and reminds Noah that his relationship with her started as an affair. 

In a second teaser video of episode 11, Noah is seen talking with Oscar Hodges (Darren Goldstein) who has some troubling and dark opinions of Alison. "It wasn't Gabriel's death that broke her heart," Oscar says. "She's never had one." 

Oscar is referring to Alison and Cole Lockhart's (Joshua Jackson) son dying when he was a little boy, but it's not clear why Oscar has such a grudge against his former employee. Also in the video, Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell) gets into a fight with Cole after the former threatens to spill a secret. 

The third and final sneak peek of episode 11 focuses on Noah's trial proceedings. At one point, Cole is being questioned and tells a story seemingly from the night of his wedding when his brother Scotty Lockhart was murdered. Cole claims Noah attacked his brother and started hitting him "over and over again." Cole makes it seem like he was afraid Noah was going to kill Scotty, but Noah's lawyer, Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff), isn't buying it and asks Cole if he's placing the blame on Noah because he broke up his marriage to Alison. 

When Jon presses Cole to tell the court what he feels when he looks at Noah, Cole says he "feels nothing." 

"The Affair" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on Showtime.