The Affair season 2 episode 8
Season 2, episode 8 of Showtime's "The Affair" teases that Alison Lockhart (Ruth Wilson, pictured) may have killed Scotty Lockhart. Showtime

Maybe Noah Solloway (Dominic West) didn't kill Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell) after all?!? In Sunday's episode 8 of Season 2, a new and slightly surprising suspect is revealed.

The Nov. 22 episode kicks off in the present, with Noah's lawyer Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff ) discussing the case with his co-worker. Jon thinks Alison was in love with Scotty the entire time she was married to Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson), but ended up having an affair with Noah. Jon tells his co-worker that the only reason Alison is still with Noah is because she knows "he's a good thing."

As recapped in last week's episode 7, Alison is pregnant but the baby isn't Noah's. It was initially believed that the baby's father might have been Cole, since she hooked up with her ex in episode 5, but it turns out Scotty is the baby daddy. Messy, messy, messy.

In Sunday’s episode, Jon seems to be trying to pin Scotty's murder on Alison, but he needs proof. In walks Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney) to talk to the lawyer about the possibility of Noah going to prison for Scotty's murder. Helen tells Jon she can't let her ex-husband go away for the crime, and wants to know if there any other suspects.

Later in the episode, Helen and Noah are at their son's wrestling tournament. Noah is there with his brand-new baby girl, and when he gets up out of his chair the baby's pacifier falls on the ground. Helen quickly scoops it up with a napkin and places it in ziploc bag and stuffs it in her purse. When Helen returns to Jon's office, she hands him the pacifier.

Now, let's discuss the two different perspectives in the episode.

Helen's Narrative

Helen's point-of-view starts with her on a college tour with her daughter Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles). Whitney is a typical teenager and doesn’t care about looking at schools. She's more interested in trying to find her mom a new man. Whitney also tells Helen that she never wanted to go college, and instead wants to move to New York and pursue modeling. The teen tells her mom that she met a photographer who promised he would help launch her modeling career. Of course, Helen isn't onboard. During a tense discussion at a coffee shop near the school, Whitney spots Noah and his publisher Eden (Brooke Lyons ).

In Helen's perspective, Noah invites her to his book reading later that night, but she declines. However, Helen ends up checking out the reading anyway and is surprised to see it's packed with so many people (mostly women). After Noah reads a portion of his book "Descent," he and Helen decide to go for a walk and grab a drink at a nearby bar. The pair seem to be getting along, that is until Helen mentions that their daughter wants to become a model instead of go to college. Noah thinks Whitney should pursue modeling, while Helen is completely against it.

Noah's Narrative

Noah's point of view starts with him telling Alison, via Skype, about a good review he got in the New Yorker. Alison is happy for him and surprises Noah by showing him the baby's nursery, formerly his office. Alison seems to get a little annoyed when Noah keeps getting distracted by his constantly ringing cell phone. He also seems to only care about his desk being moved into the hallway to make room for the baby's crib.

In Noah's perspective, he doesn't run into Helen and Whitney while they're on the college tour. Instead, Noah spots Helen in the crowd of his book reading and gets a little flustered. At first, he's reading a passage about him and his mistress-turned-pregnant fiancée Alison, but quickly starts reading something else when he sees Helen.

In his narrative, Noah is also antagonized during the reading by a young critic who doesn't like his book. It's also clear that Noah is having a tough time staying faithful to Alison. While signing copies of his book, a young woman slips him her number and walks away. Later, when Noah and Helen go to the bar, she asks Noah to hand over the woman's number and says that Alison owes her one.

While talking with Helen about the success of his career, Noah spots the same critic from his reading standing at the bar. Noah gets up to teach the guy a lesson, but Helen stops him. She then explains to Noah that he needs to be more careful because he's famous now. Helen also tells her ex-husband that he's starting to get drunk on the power of his success, and turning into her father Bruce Butler (John Doman).

After Helen leaves the bar, Noah heads back inside to confront the critic and tries to punch the guy in the face. Noah, who’s clearly drunk, misses and falls on the floor. Of course, the entire altercation is caught on camera and posted online, but Eden finds a way to spin it, telling Noah that he's now the "bad boy" of publishing. A second later, Noah and his publisher are having a hot and heavy make-out session, but Eden stops it before they have sex.