Within an hour of the incident in New Delhi, where one youth slapped Union minister Sharad Pawar at the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) center, tags like Sharad Pawar and Slapgate replaced the top Twitter trend in India Why this Kolaveri Di, a quirky song in Tamil-English lyrics.

The news spread over the social media like wildfire and many TV channels have uploaded their exclusive footage of the incident on YouTube. With so many camerapersons present at the scene, how any TV channel makes claims of an exclusive footage is a curious question which will remain unanswered.

On Twitter trends across the world, Pawar was at third spot followed by Harvinder Singh. Who is this guy? No guesses required for he is the youth who slapped Pawar. He is something of a serial slapper as he had also slapped 86-year-old Sukh Ram, former Union minister for telecom, who was involved in a telecom scam.

A notable tweet came from Kiran Bedi, Pray proper lokpal bill gets passed in winter session or else pent up anger may come on streets. Politicians may get targeted.

Tushar Gandhi, great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi tweeted, “Slapping Pawar is the result of all the Maro Latka do slogans from Ramleela Maidan.”

Check the video of the slapping incident here.