Continuing in the success of hit titles “Mega Jump” and “Mega Run” is the newly announced “Mega Blast,” once again starring the cute red creature known as Redford. Unlike the previous titles, “Mega Blast” will be the first game in the series that will be rendered in 3D and will also feature the use of the critically acclaimed “Unreal 4” engine.

Since “Mega Run” clearly wore its “Super Mario” influence on its sleeves, it should come to no surprise that “Mega Blast” shares some similarities to the older “Bomberman” games. Touch Arcade has confirmed that Redford’s latest adventure will have him using bombs to solve puzzles, get rid of enemies and clear passage ways to the next goal.

While the “Bomberman” influence is definitely there, “Mega Blast” doesn’t share the game’s level structure where players were simply trying to kill all the enemies in the room. Instead, the game has an isometric view and also relies on platforming and item collecting, presumably to unlock new items and characters that have made appearances in previous Redford games.

The developer of “Mega Blast,” Get Set Games, has also confirmed that the game will run on some older iOS devices, with the iPhone 4S being the oldest model that can play the game. The game studio also stated that the game would definitely look great on the bigger screens of the iPhone 6, thanks to the game being in 3D for the first time and the use of the Unreal 4 engine.

Currently, Get Set Games hasn’t revealed a specific release date for their isometric puzzler, though the studio has confirmed that the game will be coming out sometime this summer. The company has also teased eager games with the possibility of beta testing the game in the near future, as the series nears its summer release date.

“Mega Run” has reportedly been downloaded 15 million times and is now available for download on Windows 8, via the online Windows store. “Mega Jump” has also proven to be popular, as it spawned a sequel in “Mega Jump 2.”

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Mega Blast Preview Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Get Set Games)