After stirring up a storm with the 'V for Victory, You are the Resistance' campaign, Infowars has now accused the Obama administration of triggering blackouts.

Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars accused President Barack Obama of implementing rolling blackouts in Texas and across America as the direct consequence of his administration's agenda to lay siege to the coal industry, launch a takeover of infrastructure under the contrived global warming scam, and help usher in the post-industrial collapse of America.

To substantiate the argument, Infowars quoted several media reports elucidating how the power issues have affected major hospitals in Texas, at Parkland, Baylor, Methodist and Presbyterian Dallas. While hospitals are ideally supposed to be exempt from blackouts, Infowars stressed on the fact that power supply to Cowboys Stadium and Super Bowl venues were not affected.

Street lights and traffic lights have also been hit by the outages, causing traffic build-ups and other hazards more typically associated with a decrepit underdeveloped country, and not with the supposed leading light of the prosperous first world, a post on said.

While countries like China and Mexico continue to build new power plants, United States is lagging behind, Infowars contended, as the Environmental Protection Agency takes control of refineries and power plants under the completely fraudulent pretext of preventing global warming.

Stating that Texas has turned into a target for the present government as it is the only state that has refused to implement a permit process, Infowars went on to accuse the Obama administration of conducting industrial warfare against the United States.

Obama's 2008 promise to bankrupt the coal industry by placing suffocating restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions even as China and other countries are given free reign to pollute at will is now coming to fruition. This is all part of the post-industrial revolution that the global elite have promised to enforce as a means of turning the United States into a decaying banana republic, Jones and Watson argued on the post.

In another post, Watson also accused the government of giving waivers to administration insiders like General Electric, as larger transnational oil companies create artificial scarcity to jack up prices and eliminate competition.

The 'Obama Triggers Blackouts' accusation comes after Infowars launched the 'V for Victory' campaign on January 21 against the 'If You See Something, Say Something' initiative of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The movement aimed at fighting back against the steps taken by the authorities to turn Americans against one and other, as Infowars viewed it.

We are all in danger. A police state control grid is being established in the United States. Now is the time for all lovers of liberty to stand together and speak out against the growing tyranny destroying our republic. We WILL be victorious against the New World Order. Post this V for Victory flyer to warn others and show your peaceful resistance, the earlier campaign said.

Infowars is currently celebrating the fact that the new conspiracy theory has attracted attention and is gaining popularity based on the fact that the keyword 'Obama Triggers Blackouts' topped Google search trends.

Thanks for all our great listeners for their great effort in helping us get the word out on this vital issue, the outlet said on its website.

Blackout also interpreted in connection with Internet Kill Switch

While Infowars is busy congratulating itself for inciting curiosity on Obama triggering blackouts, a few bloggers have interpreted the hot search term 'blackout' in connection with the recently proposed legislation, which would allow the President to shut down the Internet in the event of a national crisis or a cyber attack. The legislation evoked several questions and concerns in the wake of the internet and communications blockade in Egypt following the outbreak of anti-government protests.

The proposed legislation would grant the President of the United States a kill switch power to shut down the Internet. However, American senators sought to assert that the kill switch will be used only if the U.S. suffers a cyber attack and it will not be used to create blackouts like in Egypt.