Marvel took fans to the past with their latest TV endeavor, “Marvel’s Agent Carter.” The series follows Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) as she adjusts to life in 1946 after WWII without Captain America (Chris Evans). The two-hour premiere was jam-packed with fight scenes, explosions and tons of misogyny.

“Marvel’s Agent Carter” introduced Peggy with a lot of flashbacks to “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Just in case you’d forgotten, she was Captain America’s love interest, but she now believes he is dead. However, he appeared plenty in the first hour. The pilot made sure viewers never forgot that Peggy still loves Captain America with pictures and flashbacks throughout the episode. However, the real action started when Peggy went to her job at the phone company.

She went to the actual phone company and a secret elevator led her to the SSR, the Strategic Scientific Reserve. “All hands on deck, meaning cover the phones,” her boss told her.

Peggy was treated as a secretary while the men who have returned from war were given the real missions – like tracking down Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper). A bunch of his deadliest weapons hit the black market, and now he is a fugitive. Peggy immediately defended her old friend. “Let the professionals decide who’s worth going after,” one of the men told her.

Agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) defended her, but she didn’t want his help. She could prove herself eventually.

In the diner, she tells her friend Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) that she hasn’t been allowed to do much since the war ended, but Agent Carter doesn't realize that’s about to change. Peggy went to get a slice of pie and found a mysterious note at her table. She was supposed to meet someone in the alley in five minutes. She went to the alley, but something was off. A car chased her down the alley until she shot a tire. Then Howard Stark revealed himself.

Stark took her to the docks and told Peggy that someone has his “bad babies”: weapons too dangerous for anyone, even his friends. If he tells the government that they were stolen, they’ll think he is lying. He needs Peggy to track down who is selling them while he hides.

“You want a mission that matters?” Howard asked. “This is it. My technology in the hands of someone who wants to be the next Red Skull, you have no idea how bad it could be.”

He gave her his butler, Jarvis (James D’Arcy), who clearly has no idea what he is in for. He prefers to be in bed by nine, but working with Peggy will show him a wilder side of life.

Their first mission put Peggy undercover at a party. She was in a full blonde wig and sexy dress to seduce one of the bad guys. She put on her lipstick, called Sweet Dreams, before she headed in to sit on Mr. Raymond’s lap and pull information out of him. Unfortunately, he fell for it too fast. He kissed her, and her lipstick knocked him out. She broke into his safe and found some sort of glowing, golden sphere. She put it in her bag and made her escape, but someone noticed Raymond’s unconscious body. She fought the guy off with a stapler. Peggy quickly made her exit, dodging all the SSR men that were also there.

She went back to her apartment and managed to diffuse the weapon (Jarvis told her the solution she would need). She thought she was done until she heard her a noise from the bedroom. Her roommate Colleen (Ashley Hinshaw) had been shot in the head. It seems a blonde man from the party followed her home. Peggy kicked him out the window, but he still managed to get away. She cried over her roommate’s dead body.

“I seem to have a habit of losing people close to me,” she told Jarvis. “Perhaps losing is too nice a word. I get them killed.”

Peggy felt like she had failed because of Colleen’s death. Jarvis encouraged her to keep going.

Jarvis took her to a Stark Industries scientist who told her that it was nitramene and the diffused weapon still released Vita-Rays. This led Peggy to pull out the Project Rebirth files, the experiment that made Captain America. Cue flashbacks to Steve and Peggy’s final words in “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Peggy grabbed a Vita-Ray reader from the file to help find where they were making more weapons.

She ended up at Roxxon Oil Factory. One of the men she found there, Leet Brannis (James Frain), couldn’t speak. He held a small device (an artificial larynx or electrolarynx) to his throat to communicate. Brannis said Leviathan was behind the operation, and told her that the man who killed her roommate had no name. He couldn’t give her a reason for his actions, though.

“I don’t murder people,” he said. “I just sell to people who do.”

He broke the sphere he was holding and told Peggy they had 30 seconds to leave. He drove off in his dairy truck filled with hundreds of the weapons. They barely escaped, but the bumper of Jarvis’ car ended up in the wreckage. They were lucky that was the only piece that didn’t make it.

Jarvis seems to think Peggy is perfect for what Jarvis needed. “I don’t think she’ll have any suspicions at all,” Jarvis said to Stark on the phone.

As the second hour began, the show lightened up on the Captain America flashbacks. However, a radio show kept following Peggy everywhere she went. It was a fictionalized version of what happened to Captain America, and it seemed to irritate Peggy endlessly, especially since his girlfriend was a helpless damsel.

The blonde killer without a name was looking for Brannis, and he interrogated people to find him. He found a man who knew where to find Brannis, and of course, Agent Carter ended up there as well by the end of the episode.

The SSR found that the whole factory ended up in a 20-foot-tall ball of wreckage. They assumed it was Stark, but Agent Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) questioned the owner of Roxxon Oil Factory. He discovered that they had to scan for Vita-Rays to know if any employees were there that night and brought Peggy in to scan the women.

Peggy noticed one of the men Jack scanned was one of the scientists at the site. He was clear according to the scan, so Peggy told the men that they needed to scan their dirty uniforms because the rays likely wouldn’t stay on skin (Agent Carter privately scanned herself and found that the rays only infected her watch, which she promptly threw away). When Dr. Van Ert heard that they would scan old clothes, he began to run. Peggy took the stairs and knocked him over with a brief case while the men were running out of breath running after him.

In an interrogation room, Jack started beating Van Ert to get information, but he was staying quiet. Peggy was excused, so she went to track down the dairy truck that carried away all the nitramene.

The men didn’t exactly know who Leet Brannis was, but apparently the SSR wanted to find him just as badly as the blonde killer. They eventually figured out that a dairy truck driver was paid by Brannis to take the truck full of nitramene. Daniel tracked down the milk truck driver that got away from the blast at Roxxon. The men were right behind Peggy on their drive to New Jersey.

Peggy fought the dairy driver who was paid off while the Captain America radio show played in the background. She knocked him out as they said how defenseless Captain America’s love was. She went to the truck and found Brannis there. He was trying to steal the car, but Jarvis took part of the engine out. Jarvis put it back in after Carter had a gun to the hijacker’s head.

The three started to drive, but the blonde killer eventually attacked them. He and Peggy fought on top of the dairy truck and eventually the truck was driven off a cliff into the ocean without anyone on it.

It created a huge explosion, and Brannis died. He had a message for Peggy, but his artificial larynx was broken. He drew some sort of heart in the dirt, but Agent Carter didn’t understand it. He died before he could elaborate.

Peggy and Jarvis were gone and the SSR only found Brannis’ body. However, Daniel found a hotel key that could lead him back to one of them.

The agents went back to the office and started pulling apart that ball of wreckage from the first explosion. It seems everything that was within a certain radius was still in there; it was just smashed together. As they pulled wreckage apart, they found the license plate of the car Jarvis was driving -- Howard’s car.

“Marvel’s Agent Carter” Season 1 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. Will you tune in for next week? Sound off in the comments section below!